Top Designs for Backyard Inground Pools

Have you ever considered the transformative impact of backyard inground pools on your home’s ambiance? They’re an investment in family fun, fitness, and relaxation. With careful planning, they seamlessly integrate with your landscape to create a personal oasis.

Maximizing Small Spaces with Pools

Creating an oasis in a limited backyard requires creativity. Vertical gardens serve as a perfect complement to small pool areas, bringing greenery and vibrancy without sacrificing precious square footage. 

They can transform bland walls into lush backdrops, merging nature with the luxury of a personal swimming area. Homeowners often pair these living walls with water features for a serene ambiance, improving their outdoor living space.

They require minimal ground space and offer the dual benefit of privacy and aesthetics. The selection of plants should be suitable for the local climate and easy to maintain, ensuring longevity and vibrancy throughout the seasons.

Retractable covers

Space-saving solutions are essential in compact outdoor spaces. 

Retractable pool covers offer multifunctional benefits

  • Saving space;
  • Boosting safety;
  • Maintaining water temperature. 

When retracted, they free up room that would otherwise be occupied by a traditional cover system, space that can be used for other activities or simply enjoyed unobstructed.

These covers also act as safety barriers when closed, preventing accidental falls into the water, a feature particularly valuable in households with children or pets. Moreover, they reduce evaporation and debris collection in the pool, cutting down on maintenance needs.

Built-in seating

Built-in seating around your pool’s perimeter is an efficient way to maximize outdoor space while providing comfort for relaxation or social gatherings. This approach eliminates the need for bulky lounge chairs that consume floor area within your yard. Seats can be designed as part of retaining walls or directly integrated into decking materials.

Incorporating built-in benches offers a seamless aesthetic between your pool and landscaping efforts while also creating additional entertainment zones akin to an open-air living room.

Fiberglass Pools Rising Popularity

Fiberglass pools boast a significantly faster installation process. Unlike concrete or vinyl pools, which can take weeks to months, fiberglass units are pre-made and simply need to be set into the excavated area. This means homeowners can enjoy their new pool in as little as one week from the start of installation.

They arrive ready to install, cutting down on construction time and labor costs. The speed is a game-changer for families eager to dive into summer fun without lengthy disruptions.

Lower maintenance

The durability and low maintenance of fiberglass make it a standout choice for homeowners. These pools resist algae growth due to their non-porous surface, drastically reducing the need for chemicals and cleaning. 

They also withstand seasonal changes well, often lasting years with minimal upkeep.

Their longevity is further strengthened by modern manufacturing techniques that ensure a structure capable of weathering harsh conditions without cracking or fading.

Versatile designs

Today’s fiberglass pools come in an array of shapes and sizes suitable for various backyard layouts. Whether you have a compact space or ample room, there’s likely a design that fits perfectly.

This variety allows customization according to personal taste while ensuring the pool complements your home’s aesthetic seamlessly.

Benefits of Fiberglass

Fiberglass pools boast a non-porous surface that significantly hinders algae growth. This feature simplifies pool upkeep, slashing the time and effort required for cleaning. Pool owners can enjoy crystal clear water with minimal fuss.

Their smooth finish not only adds to the aesthetic appeal but also ensures safety by reducing skin abrasions during swims. Swimmers experience fewer scrapes and discomfort compared to rougher surfaces found in other pool types.

Saltwater compatibility

Saltwater systems pair well with fiberglass pools, creating a synergy that benefits both swimmers and maintenance routines. These systems produce chlorine from salt, offering a more natural feel to the water. They are kinder on eyes and skin than traditional chlorine treatments.

Fiberglass is notably resilient against salt corrosion, outperforming other materials like concrete or vinyl liners. It maintains its integrity over time, even when exposed to saline conditions regularly.

Energy efficiency

Fiberglass offers superior insulation compared to alternative pool materials. This quality translates into better heat retention within the pool water, reducing energy consumption for heating purposes.

Owners of fiberglass pools witness lower energy bills due to this efficient temperature control. The material’s insulative properties ensure warmth is not lost easily, leading to an extended swimming season without exorbitant heating costs.

Designing Budget-friendly Small Pools

Choosing a straightforward swimming pool design can significantly reduce construction expenses. Rectangular or circular pools are not only easier to build but also more cost-efficient than complex shapes. 

They require fewer materials and less labor, which translates into savings. Homeowners should consider these geometric designs as they often lead to lower costs.

A minimalistic approach extends beyond the shape of the pool. Simple designs mean simpler plumbing requirements and less concrete, further trimming down expenses.

Landscaping choices

Landscaping can help improve a backyard oasis but also inflate the budget if not managed wisely. It’s advisable to embrace minimalistic landscaping that complements the pool without overwhelming it or your wallet. Native plants that require little maintenance are both an aesthetic and economical choice.

Incorporating decorative elements such as gravel or small bushes around the pool area provides elegance without demanding significant upkeep or expense. Strategic planting can offer privacy and shade while maintaining a modest investment in gardening.

Efficient lighting

LED lighting is renowned for its energy efficiency and longevity, making it an ideal option for illuminating your small pool area. These lights consume less power than traditional bulbs and have a longer service life, resulting in cost savings over time.

The initial investment is easily offset by reduced electricity costs throughout the life of the system.

Stone work integration

When considering stone work in Toronto or similar locales, selecting local materials can be beneficial for your budget-friendly small pool project. Local stones may be more affordable due to reduced transportation costs, thus contributing to overall savings on materials.

Utilizing stone strategically, for instance as coping around the edge of the pool, can add sophistication without necessitating extensive stonework across larger areas which would escalate prices significantly.

Features Boosting Small Pool Aesthetics

Luxury often lies in the details. Adding water features like fountains or waterfalls can transform a small pool area into an oasis of tranquility. The gentle sound of cascading water not only masks ambient noise but also adds movement. 

Waterfalls especially offer a multi-sensory experience and can be designed to fit any style, from natural rock formations to sleek modern spouts. They become not just an aesthetic addition but also serve as a conversation starter.

Strategic lighting

Illumination plays a crucial role in any pool installation. Beyond ensuring safety for evening swims, strategic lighting can craft an inviting atmosphere that extends pool enjoyment well into the night. LED lights installed along the waterline or within fountains add both charm and functionality.

Subtle underwater lighting can highlight architectural features while floating lights provide a whimsical touch. For those seeking drama, color-changing LEDs create an immersive experience that complements the mood of any gathering or solitary dip.

Colorful tiles

The choice of lining significantly impacts how large a small pool appears. Opting for colorful tiles or liners with reflective properties gives pools an illusion of depth and expansiveness. Lighter hues amplify sunlight, brightening up space and making it seem larger than it is.

A vibrant mosaic at the bottom draws eyes downward, while dark tones on side walls can make the deep end appear more profound and mysterious. This visual trickery is simple yet effective in maximizing small spaces.

Inspiration for Small Backyard Pools

Plunge pools are perfect for small backyards. They require minimal space yet provide a refreshing retreat from the heat. Homeowners choose plunge pools for their compact size and ease of maintenance. These pools often feature sleek designs, making a small garden or yard area more visually appealing.

A plunge pool can be surrounded by pool landscaping to create an intimate oasis. It’s common to see them with inground pool lights, adding ambiance for evening swims. The addition of a water feature, like a waterfall or fountain, introduces soothing sounds and movement to the tranquil setting.

Swim spas

Swim spas offer versatility in tight quarters. They combine the relaxation of hot tubs with an area suitable for exercise, making them ideal dual-purpose installations in smaller spaces. A swim spa can be installed as an inground or above-ground feature, adapting well to various backyard layouts.

They are equipped with powerful jets that provide resistance for swimming in place, hence the name swim spa. After exercising, users can relax in heated sections designed for hydrotherapy comfort. This multifunctional approach maximizes utility without sacrificing precious square footage.

Infinity pools

Infinity pools bring luxury to limited areas through innovative design elements that make small spaces feel expansive. Known also as zero-edge pools, they give an illusion of blending into the surroundings, whether it’s against a lush green backdrop or overlooking urban vistas.

Despite their grandeur appearance, infinity pools can be scaled down to suit more modest dimensions. With careful planning around your small backyard pool, this style creates a stunning magnetism that elevates your outdoor living experience significantly.

The edge design allows water to flow over one side seamlessly into a catch basin before being recirculated back into the main pool area, this not only conserves water but also adds an element of sophistication and modernity rarely seen in traditional small inground pool setups.

Selecting Shapes for Small Spaces

Geometric shapes offer a modern aesthetic and make the most of limited space. Squares or rectangles fit neatly into corners, maximizing swimming area while leaving room for seating areas or gardens. A geometric pool can serve as a point of attraction, with sharp lines that draw the eye and complement contemporary architecture.

They often feature flat bottoms, which simplifies installation and maintenance. Homeowners may choose to install benches or entry steps without compromising swim space. The use of tile around the water’s edge adds color and texture, boosting the overall design.

Organic shapes

Kidney or freeform shapes blend seamlessly with nature, creating an oasis in small backyards. These pools mimic natural bodies of water, with curves that allow for landscaping to flow around them. They provide a sense of escape without requiring extensive square footage.

These designs often include built-in seating areas within their contours. This maximizes functionality by integrating relaxation spots directly into the pool structure. Freeform pools can adapt to irregular land shapes where traditional geometric pools might not fit.

Rectangular pools

Rectangular pools are ideal for those who enjoy lap swimming but have limited backyard space. Their long, narrow shape is practical for exercise-focused users looking to maximize their workout in a smaller area.

Despite their simple form, rectangular pools can be upgraded with stylish tile work along the edges or at the bottom. They also offer options for integrated cover systems that maintain water temperature and cleanliness when not in use.

For homeowners considering backyard inground pools in confined spaces, selecting an appropriate shape is crucial. It’s about choosing a design that benefits your lifestyle and complements your home’s aesthetics.

Adding Value with Pool Accessories

Investing in an energy-efficient heating system can prolong the swimming season. Options like solar heaters and heat pumps are not only kinder to the environment but also reduce long-term operational costs. Homeowners find that a well-chosen heater allows for a comfortable swim even when temperatures drop.

Heat pumps utilize ambient air, making them cost-effective in mild climates. Solar heaters, on the other hand, harness sunlight, translating into virtually zero operating expenses after installation. Both systems exemplify smart investments that add tangible value to any inground pool setup.

Underwater speakers

For those who relish a multisensory experience, underwater speakers are a game-changer. These devices bring music beneath the surface, creating an immersive soundscape that boosts every stroke. 

They’re perfect for synchronized swimming routines or simply adding ambiance to casual dips. Installation requires professional expertise to ensure watertight integration with the pool’s structure. 

The result is crystal-clear audio that transforms swimming sessions into entertainment events. It’s an upgrade that appeals especially to audiophiles and families looking for unique ways to enjoy their backyard oasis.

Poolside warmth

Evenings by the pool needn’t end when the sun sets if you incorporate fire pits or heaters into your design. These elements offer warmth and light, extending usability well into cooler nights and providing a cozy atmosphere for gatherings.

Fire pits serve as bonding spaces where guests can mingle and relax while enjoying open flames’ mesmerizing dance. Heaters offer more controlled warmth with options ranging from electric models to gas-powered units capable of heating larger areas efficiently.

Both additions encourage outdoor living and create inviting spaces for social events or tranquil solitude under starlit skies.

Tips for Planning Your Pool Project

Obtaining the correct permits is crucial before any ground breaks. Local regulations vary, and it’s essential to understand these early in your pool project. Permits ensure safety and legal compliance, avoiding costly fines or mandatory alterations later.

Research must precede action. Homeowners should visit their local building department to get detailed information on the necessary documentation and approval process. This step can prevent delays in the installation process of backyard inground pools.

Contractor selection

Consulting multiple contractors provides valuable insights into different designs and costs involved. It’s not just about finding a price that fits.

Homeowners should request detailed quotes that break down all expenses, from labor to materials. They must assess each contractor’s experience with backyard inground pools specifically, as this expertise is critical for a successful project.

Budgeting wisely

A clear budget is foundational for any pool project planning. Unexpected expenses are common, so including a contingency plan within your budget is wise.

Costs depend on pool size, materials used, and additional features like lighting or heating systems. Homeowners should allocate funds accordingly while anticipating potential overruns.

Design finalization

The design phase intertwines closely with budgeting as choices here impact overall costs significantly. Aesthetic preferences meet practical considerations during this stage. Homeowners decide on shapes, depths, and added features such as waterfalls or tanning ledges.

They must balance desires against what their space can accommodate realistically and within their financial means.


Your backyard transformation awaits with the perfect inground pool, tailored for even the coziest of spaces. Avanti Landscaping understands that aesthetics extend beyond the edge of your pool. Their expertise ensures each project meets customer desires alongside building codes, a balance between beauty and compliance made possible through professional landscaping techniques.

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