Top 15 Inground Pool Ideas

There are various ways to build a pool. One of the most popular types is the inground pool. With this type, the water’s surface is level with your lawn, and a walkway or barrier separates it from your grass. This creates unlimited possibilities for inground pool ideas. Inground pools are known for their durability and are considered a far better investment than other types. Their longevity and attractive appearance make inground pools the most common backyard pool style. While they may be common, there are plenty of ways you can customize yours. 

#1. Light it up

Incorporate submersible LED lights to make midnight swims more impressive. Colour-changing LEDs provide a beautiful ambiance and are great for parties. Try seasonal colors like red and white for Canada Day or school colors for a graduation party. You could also add accent LEDs to illuminate waterfalls, decorative plants, or swim bars. Luckily, we at Avanti Landscaping provide the best pool and landscape lighting.

#2. Create fire features

Instead of LED lights, you can illuminate your pool with fire. Torches, fire pits, and fire bowls fit tropical-themed pools and allow you to enjoy your pool as the temperature gets lower. Fire-water fountains or firewalls are also trending right now and can add a beautiful accent to your pool’s edges.

#3. Add a spa

Incorporating a spa with a pool project is a wonderful idea. Soothe away your aches and pains after a hard day’s work or relax after swimming laps in the pool. The addition of a spa can lengthen your swimming season and provide a relaxing space to unwind. However, the choice of the perfect pool depends on your lifestyle.

#4. Make it an infinity pool

Vanishing edges are particularly impressive on an inground pool. They can make your pool seem one with your ground or like glass-like on your deck. Pair accent statues, lights, fire features, and fountains with your infinity pool to create a chic reflective surface.

#5. Turn it into a natural-looking oasis

Add rock waterfalls, decorative plants, and natural wooden pool decks to create a rustic look. Grottos also increase your pool’s likeness to the ocean. Consider adding slides or staircases to grottos so you can slide alongside your beautiful waterfall.

#6. Decorate the tiles

Most pools have light blue tiles to brighten your water. Consider alternative colors and tile mosaics to make your pool stand out. Black, gray, green, and deep blue pool tiles are all growing in popularity. Light blue or white tiles with a mural or mosaic also make your pool stand out.

#7. Add a swim-up bar

A swim-up bar with submerged seating and patio furniture is perfect for enjoying a cold beer, summer cocktail, or refreshing soft drink while in the pool. You can also serve snacks at your swim-up bar, making it ideal for barbecues and parties.

#8. Make it kid-friendly

One of the most apparent inground pool ideas is to incorporate waterslides, basketball or volleyball nets, and jumping rocks to turn your pool into a playground. Add features that let kids release energy and encourage them to invite friends over.

#9. Let your pets take a dive

Inground pools are more accessible to pets. If swimming with your buddy sounds like fun, you can design your pool for that! Be aware that gunite concrete pools are better for pets than vinyl pools. Consider a removable fence for your pool if your pet spends time in your yard unsupervised.

#10. Get advice from a professional pool builder

Consult with an experienced pool builder at Avanti Landscaping to get expert advice on crafting the backyard oasis of your dreams. We can provide flexible custom pool design options that suit any taste or yard size, as well as expert landscaping to match your pool with your property.

#11. Add a sun shelf

Sun shelves are shallow sections of the pool where you can place lounge chairs or umbrellas. This allows you to relax in the water without being fully submerged. It’s an excellent spot for kids to play or for adults to soak up some sun while staying cool.

#12. Install a water feature

Consider adding waterfalls, fountains, or bubblers to create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere around your pool area. Water features can provide a focal point for your pool and complement your pool’s aesthetic.

#13. Consider a saltwater system

Instead of using traditional chlorine, consider installing a saltwater system for your inground pool. Saltwater pools are gentler on the skin and eyes and require less maintenance than traditional chlorine pools, providing a more natural swimming experience.

#14. Add a pool cover

A pool cover can help keep your inground pool clean and safe when it’s not in use. Choose from automatic or manual covers to protect your pool from debris, leaves, and inclement weather and reduce heating and maintenance costs, making it more energy efficient.

#15. Incorporate landscaping

Enhance the beauty of your inground pool with landscaping features such as gardens, trees, and shrubs. You can create a lush, tropical oasis around your pool area to create a serene and inviting atmosphere. Consider adding a pergola, interlocking patio, outdoor seating, or a barbecue area to complete the look.

Final Thoughts

The possibilities for customizing your inground pool are endless. Whether you want to create a relaxing oasis, a fun-filled playground, or a sophisticated entertaining space, there are numerous inground pool ideas and design options to suit your preferences. From lighting and fire features to waterfalls and saltwater systems, each customization adds its own unique touch to your pool area. 

By incorporating these custom design ideas, you can create a stunning and personalized inground pool that will be the centerpiece of your outdoor living space for years to come. Don’t hesitate to consult with a professional pool builder at Avanti Landscaping to bring your vision to life and ensure that your inground pool is a perfect reflection of your style and functionality needs.

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