Imagine the endless posibilities for your Georgetown home.

Whether you have a design in your mind or need some inspiration, experts at Avanti Landscaping can help you throughout the designing and building process.

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    When you hire Avanti Landscape, you’re not just getting a grass cutting service. We are a team of experts who care about the health of your entire Georgetown property.

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    We rely on the best landscaping techniques, requirements, and building codes to deliver you excellent results in a timely-efficient manner.

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      Why Choose Avanti Landscaping

      No more pricing haggling –With Avanti Landscaping what you see is what you get.

      Landscaping is how you put personal, finishing touches on the exterior of your Georgetown home. Yet you need someone who can suggest vegetation and hardscapes that will mesh well with other aspects of your home and property.

      Many homeowners start out thinking that they can DIY their landscaping, only to discover how wrong they are. You want a manicured, cohesive and natural looking layout; a balance that takes skill and experience to arrive at.

      Industry experts have access to the highest quality materials. Even if you knew to buy these types of plants, you would not have access to the bulk discount rate experts get. Of course, real landscapers also have endless creative ideas.

      We can offer a variety of options so we can keep devising a plan until we come up with something you fall in love with completely. We not only develop a Georgetown landscape design plan, but we also execute it from start to finish.

      With more than fifteen years of experience in the landscaping industry.Avanti Landscaping has the resources to complete all design and build tasks on time.

      From landscape designers to installation professionals to business and project management staff who are there every step of the way.

      Affiliations & Reputation

      Projects & Galleries

      Avanti Landscaping makes a beautiful difference.

      Experienced Landscapers

      We pride ourselves on following principles of design and professional conduct as recommended by Landscape Ontario, RHL and look forward to earning your trust – and making your landscaping dreams come true.

      ​As a homeowner, your preferences and opinions should impact the final product we deliver. We do our best to take your needs into consideration, and we strive to honour our quotes and contracts.

      ​At the culmination of your landscaping project, you'll be left with a beautiful addition to your backyard that will last for decades. We take pride in ensuring your satisfaction and leaving aesthetically pleasing work behind.

      Once you've agreed on a design concept and selected your materials for your Georgetown home, our team will begin the process of turning your dream into a reality. We adhere to the highest standards in construction and landscape design, to bring you exquisite results.

      Once the design and build are complete, you can have peace of mind knowing that we offer total care and full-service maintenance on anything that we've built. This includes outdoor lighting, water features, stone masonry, and gardens.

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