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      Why Choose Avanti Landscaping

      At Avanti Landscaping, we design and build structures that can withstand severe weather, such as hail, snow, or ice.

      We make use of premium quality materials to sustain the project over time. Being able to take the vision that you have and transform it into reality requires expertise for devising a comprehensive plan.

      If you have no clear vision for your ideal landscaping, we can help with that as well. Either way, what you get is a personalized plan specific to your property and custom needs.

      Not only will a proper landscape design enhance your personal enjoyment of your Milton property, this is the ideal way to add to the property value of your home as well.

      You work with a professional to address the look of the interior of your home, why not hire one for the exterior? Not just any landscaper will do, though – let Avanti Landscaping provide you with the best in service excellence!

      Whether it’s your backyard, porch, or front yard, our landscaping ideas will transform it into a beautiful area for your Milton home.

      Every landscaping professional on our team has several years of experience and training under their belts. We'll help you tackle your landscaping challenges head-on. The key to success, for this type of project, is to get the quality building materials and craftsmanship to bring it all together.

      Affiliations & Reputation

      Projects & Galleries

      Avanti Landscaping makes a beautiful difference.

      Experienced Landscapers

      Let us show you, firsthand, how we have earned the flawless reputation that we have.

      Many people long for these profound outdoor experiences, but they don’t know how exactly to get there. For this reason, the Avanti Landscaping team embodies a deep empathy for their clients.

      We want you to feel genuinely heard and understood during the design process. With an acute appreciation for how exceptional design affects us, we go beyond shaping your Milton landscape — we shape your lifestyle.

      As trust is built with our clients, our meticulous craftsmen pay disciplined attention to even the most delicate of details. Every landscape is executed flawlessly, built to exacting standards and backed up with an unparalleled warranty.

      The Avanti Landscaping experience is unforgettable because, in today's world, this kind of attention to detail has been all but forgotten. As we continously discover new territory in residential landscape design and construction, we’ve garnered the profession's most coveted awards along the way. But it's the lives that have been enriched and elevated as a result of our work that we celebrate.

      Avanti Landscaping continues to remove barriers and facilitate a freer movement of life from indoors to outdoors and back in again. Ensure complete peace of mind with total care and maintenance for your Milton landscaping.

      Our maintenance packages are tailored to the specific needs of your property and will ensure that your landscaping maintains the highest quality standards.

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