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Landscape lighting plays an important role in any garden design. It adds not only aesthetic but also functional benefits to your home. Landscape lighting allows highlighting the fantastic features of your landscape. We are a landscape lighting company that can create various designs from stunning backyard installations to accent lighting that enhances the beauty of your house. As a result, your property will attract all the attention in Toronto.

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    Why Choose Avanti Landscaping

    When it comes to renovating your backyard in Toronto, it is essential to find the right landscape contractor. Make the right investment by partnering with Avanti Landscaping company. We have helped countless homeowners to transform backyards and create attractive outdoor living spaces. Schedule a consultation with our landscaping team today. Whether you need a backyard makeover or restoration of an existing hardscape - we will present the perfect solution for all your preferences.


    Thousands of satisfied customers trust us due to the high quality of work, Liability insurance, and warranty up to five years


    With over 10 years of experience, we have gained specialization in the residential and commercial sectors


    Our team is skilled and qualified to transform unutilized spaces of your home into the most beautiful areas


    We are a Homestars Verified company that has received the industry’s top awards, as well as WSIB, Landscape Ontario Membership


    We communicate with customers throughout the process to ensure the highest level of customer service.


    We are focused on providing customers with quality service. You can count on us to have the best job done.

    Professional outdoor lighting installation

    Our landscape custom lighting systems can highlight and enhance the beauty and value of your landscape and architecture. We can help you bring out the beauty of your outdoor space and offer the latest in high-quality light fixtures. Our team of professionals is focused on the work that perfectly fit customer needs, preferences, and budget.

    Professional lighting benefits

    Lighting provides security to your home at night. It is a great way to brighten dark nooks, crannies, and the places near the home where a stranger could enter. A well-lit exterior decreases the risk of crime and it will be difficult to approach the home.

    Landscape lighting is necessary for safe nighttime navigation around walkways, patios, and garden beds. It makes your home a safer place for your family and other guests and guides people at night which will help prevent injuries.

    Lighting creates a unique atmosphere. Using it in your design gives the opportunity to create an unusual effect with shadowing or illuminating paths. We can find the best option from a variety of styles for your landscape.

    Ideas on how to use landscape lighting

    When it comes to deciding on landscape lighting in Toronto, you can be confused by the variety of options and design ideas. It may be difficult to decide where to place all the lighting. However, our landscape custom lighting systems can be used in different places. Our company thoroughly understands the art of landscape lighting design and we can offer you some options.


    If you want to make a big impression on your garden or backyard, you can add outdoor lights on trees. When dark comes, all the trees in your yard may look a bit scary. However, with the help of landscape lighting, they are wonderful elements that give your landscape depth.


    Lighting directed at the facade of the house will help to make your house more noticeable. You can aim lights at the corners of your house or the details that you want to highlight so it will make your property the center of attraction.

    Garden beds

    If you want to illuminate open spaces, lighting flower beds might be a great idea. Moreover, this is an easy way to protect your flowers from trampling as lights will clearly light the designated paths. A win-win both for you and your beautiful plants.

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      the most preferred & certified landscaping company in GTA

      We are a landscaping company in Toronto. For over 10 years we have been exceeding your expectations with high-quality works offering landscaping, stonework, and wood solutions to your problems. Quality work is our passion and the main proof of this is our work. We are ready to help you, no matter how big or small your project is.

      Our team consists of professional landscape technicians, management staff, and landscape designers to collaborate with you and create a landscape construction that can be enjoyed for decades to come. With a wealth of knowledge and experience, none of your problems will remain without a solution.


      Avanti recently completed our second project in 3 years with John and his team. They did excellent, high-quality work, with no surprises. The most honest and professional landscaping company I've ever worked with.
      Lana Henderson
      Lana Henderson
      05:46 17 Jan 23
      Thanks! The company you can definitely trust in projecting. They always have solutions for the most of your tasks.
      Frances Coleman
      Frances Coleman
      12:10 01 Nov 22
      They recently did my interlocking driveway and wow am I impressed! Great job guys!!
      Alexandra Smith
      Alexandra Smith
      02:12 23 Jun 22
      The Avanti Landscaping team on Observatory helped me organize my grand landscaping vision into 3-4 separate projects and then we worked together to decide which to tackle first. I was never ‘up-sold’ as we decided on the project details, and they did a great job with the the landscaping designs.
      Scott Evans
      Scott Evans
      08:58 15 Jun 22
      Ed is a pleasure to work with! Our new stone decking looks flawless and has completely changed the look of the exterior, WOW!
      Helen Griffin
      Helen Griffin
      07:54 06 May 22
      Why did it take me so long to find Avanti Landscaping? They are superior to anyone in the area and some of the most talented and professional people i've ever dealt with. I highly recommend them for your landscaping needs!
      Renee Parks
      Renee Parks
      06:19 26 Apr 22
      Helped me with my property including fixing up my deck and doing an awesome job on the interlock in my front yard. Avanti Landscaping got the entire project completed on time and on budget. Thanks!
      William Slade
      William Slade
      05:31 02 Nov 21
      Avanti Landscaping did the interlocking on our driveway and it looks great. We get compliments all the time. Great selection of stone and true professionals every step of the way. A pleasure to deal with!
      Roger Purnell
      Roger Purnell
      12:01 30 Oct 21
      Recently got my interlocking and landscaping services done with Avanti Landscaping and I have already contacted Ed to help me with my cottage home. His advise and honesty is what really sets him apart from the others. I can't wait for this upcoming project.
      Matthew Howard
      Matthew Howard
      05:53 09 Oct 21
      It is so hard to find contractors that actually stick to their word, particularly with landscaping. It seems as though anyone with a pickup truck can start a landscaping business which explains why there are so many of them out there. I was referred to Avanti Landscaping by a neighbour when I saw their work in progress. They finished their work right on time, now I can enjoy an entire summer on the patio and next to the pool. Bravo, gentlemen!
      John Fortney
      John Fortney
      08:10 17 Aug 21
      The best landscaping company i've come across in years!! Ed was very patient during the phone call consultation and was very transparent on the company's process and strategy. I got my wooden fences and patio interlocking done, and I couldn't be more pleased with how everything turned out. Two thumbs up!!
      Maisie Greenwood
      Maisie Greenwood
      06:09 11 Jul 21
      Beyond satisfied with my new wooden fences from Avanti Landscaping! Not only do I now have privacy for my friends and family, but I also have a stylish backyard that stands out front the rest. Well done!
      Andrew Morrison
      Andrew Morrison
      11:02 24 Jun 21


      Landscaping Services

      Landscaping is a task that aims to transform your yard and garden. We believe such a task combines science and art. That is why we are focused on providing complete high end landscaping to keep you satisfied.

      Stonework Services

      Nowadays stonework has become very popular and our company keeps up with the times. We strive to create a landscape that is not only functional but also beautiful. Avanti Landscaping company offers various stone works including the construction of:

      Woodwork Services

      Among other things, we offer our customers enhancing their outdoor living areas with woodwork services. We have sufficient experience and understand how wood works and behaves, so our work is of high quality. We design and construct:

      Other Services

      We understand how important it is to approach work responsibly and in addition to the main work we provide landscaping in Toronto and hardscaping support services:

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      Landscape Lighting FAQ

      How much does ladscape lighting cost in Toronto?

      The average price range is between 300$ and 4000$. The final price depends on the amount of fixtures you need, the space you want to cover, the level of sophisticated design, and the difficulty of the installation. Practically, expect the final, professional and reliable system to cost around 2000$ for the whole project.

      What is Low Voltage Landscape Lighting?

      Low voltage landscape lighting is a part of outdoor illumination that doesn’t cost you a fortune in the long run and works perfectly well for years. Technically, the main components of such systems are the same light fixtures and wire, which transmit electricity to the lamps and make them light up. The main difference is — the low-voltage system wastes ten times less power than a traditional one, 12 volts instead of 120. Nowadays to keep the system up-to-date in terms of both technology and looks, you should aim at LED low-voltage systems.

      How Landscape Lighting Systems Work?

      An ordinary system has 3 key elements and is, actually, as simple as it gets. You need: the transformer, the wire, the fixtures. And that’s it! The transformer is mounted somewhere on your house, where it’s easy to reach, plugged into the most convenient GFI (the outside power outlet). The whole system is not much different from an ordinary indoor light. The key difference between cheap do-it-yourself lighting kits and professional kits with expert installation is that the latter will work for decades, and the store-bought ones are rarely operating in a season or two.

      Why are LED Lamps used in Landscape Lighting?

      The main advantage of LED garden lights over the regular ones is that they have a much longer service life. The reduced heat emission provides these lamps with better heat management capabilities, which greatly improves their efficiency. All in all, if you need to save money and improve your lighting efficiency all at once, then Low Voltage Landscape Lighting is definitely a good idea.

      Why do I Need a Professional Company for Landscape Lighting?

      To keep it simple, you can buy complete kits from any big chain store, plug them in and put the whole thing somewhere in your garden where you want to see the lights. That would work for some time. What it would NOT do, however, is:

      1. Make it reliable and resistant to all sorts of circumstances, weather- and usability-wise;
      2. Make it look professional well-made;
      3. Make it look elegant.

      Take it from a landscaping company: landscape lighting is not something you should purchase for your last money. It is, however, something that can completely change the look of your garden — and be a cost-effective feature for years and years to come, worth every dollar.

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