Rooftop Patio Construction in Toronto

With the Avanti Landscaping team, you can transform your rooftop from a dull, useless area into a stunning and functional patio. We are the best and the most reliable patio builders in Toronto. Our engineers, with many years of hands-on experience, make sure your building can hold additional weight on the roof and advise the best materials to lighten the construction if needed.

  • Custom Rooftop Patio Construction That Suits Your Requirements
  • Unbeatable Rates For All Your Construction Needs Any Size & Difficulty
  • Interlocking, Pools and Construction Services for Homes and Condos
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A patio that gets the most out of your limited space in Toronto

    Why Choose Avanti Landscaping

    When it comes to renovating your backyard in Toronto, it is essential to find the right landscape contractor. Make the right investment by partnering with Avanti Landscaping company. We have helped countless homeowners to transform backyards and create attractive outdoor living spaces. Schedule a consultation with our landscaping team today. Whether you need a backyard makeover or restoration of an existing hardscape - we will present the perfect solution for all your preferences.
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    Thousands of satisfied customers trust us due to the high quality of work, Liability insurance, and warranty up to five years
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    With over 10 years of experience, we have gained specialization in the residential and commercial sectors
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    Our team is skilled and qualified to transform unutilized spaces of your home into the most beautiful areas
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    We are a Homestars Verified company that has received the industry’s top awards, as well as WSIB, Landscape Ontario Membership
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    We communicate with customers throughout the process to ensure the highest level of customer service.
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    We are focused on providing customers with quality service. You can count on us to have the best job done.
    Why Rooftop Patio Construction Avanti

    Why Get a Rooftop Patio For Your Building?

    In Toronto, where every inch of outdoor space is a luxury, rooftop patio construction is a multifaced solution to many problems. If you have a small backyard or don’t have any at all, we can turn your roof into:

    • Outdoor kitchen and rooftop bar
    • Social hub to meet with friends and family
    • An entertainment zone with a home cinema, golf and more
    • Beautiful garden to harvest your fruits and vegetables
    • A cozy place to enjoy the sun coming up and going down

    Additionally, a rooftop patio is a great way to increase your roof insulation. It perfectly prevents water damage and provides proper drainage, especially for flat roofs.

    Rooftop Patio Design and Construction Contractors in Toronto

    The Avanti team specializes not only in landscape design but in interlocking services and woodwork such as rooftop patio construction, as well. We mastered numerous materials like:

    • Interlocking pavers
    • Concrete
    • Various wood types for pool or rooftop decks
    • Metal
    • Sodding, planting and more

    Change your lifestyle and make it greener with the Avanti rooftop construction in Toronto. We helped many homeowners across Ontario, regardless of the project complexity, transform private homes, commercial buildings, residential apartments, and even high-rise condo developments into gardens, entertainment spaces, and lunch zones.

    Rooftop patio construction contractor Avanti Landscaping
    Safe Rooftop Patio Construction in Toronto by Avanti team

    What Makes Avanti Rooftop Patio Construction in Toronto the Safest?

    One of the most important steps in any construction is proper preparation. We understand when homeowners may want to add a beautiful pergola, interlocked patio, or even construct a fiberglass pool on their roof. Unfortunately, sometimes it isn’t possible, and no matter how skilled we are, physics and gravity are beyond our control. Yet, we know how to compromise. To make our rooftop patio construction the safest in Toronto, we:

    • Make necessary calculations and double-check them
    • Help you get necessary permits and get third-party expertise if needed
    • Install guards, railings, stairs, privacy screens and landscape lighting

    We always make sure that your roof can withstand the additional weight. And even if you want something impossible, our creative landscape architects will find a way to make your dream rooftop patio real.

    Rooftop Patio Construction in Toronto Benefits

    Constructing a rooftop patio is much more complicated that a ground-level one. Luckily, we build hundreds of rooftop patios and know how to make them to get the most out of your investment
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    Spectacular View

    You can enjoy the unparalleled views of Toronto, like CN Tower and waterfront, in the shade of your rooftop patio. All famous sights will be at your fingertips without hassle and crowds of people
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    Optimized Space

    Toronto is an expensive city. Evidently, any land here is at a premium. Our rooftop decks and patios harmoniously use and transform previosuly unused roof areas into functional spaces
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    Sky Garden

    You will be surprised, but growing veggies, greenery and flowers are much easier on your roof. In strictly controlled conditions there is less possibility for weeds and contamination
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    Increased Safety

    With Avanti rooftop patio construction you get a unique opportunity to boost your property's price and check your roof. We provide better insulation, waterproofing, ventilation, drainage
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    Fully Customizable

    Regardless of the fact that building a rooftop patio is a complex process, you still fully control it. Choose materials, flooring, furniture, function, everything and let us do the rest

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      Avanti recently completed our second project in 3 years with John and his team. They did excellent, high-quality work, with no surprises. The most honest and professional landscaping company I've ever worked with.
      Lana Henderson
      Lana Henderson
      05:46 17 Jan 23
      Thanks! The company you can definitely trust in projecting. They always have solutions for the most of your tasks.
      Frances Coleman
      Frances Coleman
      12:10 01 Nov 22
      They recently did my interlocking driveway and wow am I impressed! Great job guys!!
      Alexandra Smith
      Alexandra Smith
      02:12 23 Jun 22
      The Avanti Landscaping team on Observatory helped me organize my grand landscaping vision into 3-4 separate projects and then we worked together to decide which to tackle first. I was never ‘up-sold’ as we decided on the project details, and they did a great job with the the landscaping designs.
      Scott Evans
      Scott Evans
      08:58 15 Jun 22
      Ed is a pleasure to work with! Our new stone decking looks flawless and has completely changed the look of the exterior, WOW!
      Helen Griffin
      Helen Griffin
      07:54 06 May 22
      Why did it take me so long to find Avanti Landscaping? They are superior to anyone in the area and some of the most talented and professional people i've ever dealt with. I highly recommend them for your landscaping needs!
      Renee Parks
      Renee Parks
      06:19 26 Apr 22
      Helped me with my property including fixing up my deck and doing an awesome job on the interlock in my front yard. Avanti Landscaping got the entire project completed on time and on budget. Thanks!
      William Slade
      William Slade
      05:31 02 Nov 21
      Avanti Landscaping did the interlocking on our driveway and it looks great. We get compliments all the time. Great selection of stone and true professionals every step of the way. A pleasure to deal with!
      Roger Purnell
      Roger Purnell
      12:01 30 Oct 21
      Recently got my interlocking and landscaping services done with Avanti Landscaping and I have already contacted Ed to help me with my cottage home. His advise and honesty is what really sets him apart from the others. I can't wait for this upcoming project.
      Matthew Howard
      Matthew Howard
      05:53 09 Oct 21
      It is so hard to find contractors that actually stick to their word, particularly with landscaping. It seems as though anyone with a pickup truck can start a landscaping business which explains why there are so many of them out there. I was referred to Avanti Landscaping by a neighbour when I saw their work in progress. They finished their work right on time, now I can enjoy an entire summer on the patio and next to the pool. Bravo, gentlemen!
      John Fortney
      John Fortney
      08:10 17 Aug 21
      The best landscaping company i've come across in years!! Ed was very patient during the phone call consultation and was very transparent on the company's process and strategy. I got my wooden fences and patio interlocking done, and I couldn't be more pleased with how everything turned out. Two thumbs up!!
      Maisie Greenwood
      Maisie Greenwood
      06:09 11 Jul 21
      Beyond satisfied with my new wooden fences from Avanti Landscaping! Not only do I now have privacy for my friends and family, but I also have a stylish backyard that stands out front the rest. Well done!
      Andrew Morrison
      Andrew Morrison
      11:02 24 Jun 21


      Landscaping Services

      Landscaping is a task that aims to transform your yard and garden. We believe such a task combines science and art. That is why we are focused on providing complete high end landscaping to keep you satisfied.

      Stonework Services

      Nowadays stonework has become very popular and our company keeps up with the times. We strive to create a landscape that is not only functional but also beautiful. Avanti Landscaping company offers various stone works including the construction of:

      Woodwork Services

      Among other things, we offer our customers enhancing their outdoor living areas with woodwork services. We have sufficient experience and understand how wood works and behaves, so our work is of high quality. We design and construct:

      Swimming Pools Construction & Installation

      We are the most trusted and reliable swimming pool builder in Toronto and across Ontario. All our team needs is one call from you and a peek at your backyard. Our pool installation contractors work in numerous areas, design and build different pool types, such as:

      The Best Swimming Pool Installation in Toronto by Avanti Landscaping
      avanti landscaping

      Other Services

      We understand how important it is to approach work responsibly and in addition to the main work we provide landscaping in Toronto and hardscaping support services:


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