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There must be a serious reason you didn’t choose Avanti Landscaping’s best interlocking services in Vaughan. Delivering quality work is our passion, and our 1000+ successful landscaping projects speak for themselves. We help you make your dreams a reality, no matter the size and complexity of your project.

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    Why Do You Need an Interlock?

    There’s no need to choose what to interlock first: pool, driveway, patio or other area. Interlocking services in Vaughan by Avanti Landscaping is the solution to multiple beneficial purposes, from creating privacy for a family to environmental sustainability.

    Customization touches everything: colours, shapes and texture. Homeowners choose what exactly their outdoors should be. We just provide advice and guide you to make sure that the result is both beautiful functional.

    Interlocking substantially boosts a property’s market value. The improved appearance of outdoor areas makes a property more eye-catching to potential buyers.

    Interlocking stones are ideal for driveways and walkways for their ability to withstand heavy traffic. Traditional concrete surfaces may crack over time, but paving stones last a long time.

    Interlocking paving stones require minimal maintenance. They’re easy to clean, and if they get damaged or stained, they can be replaced without disturbing the surrounding area, saving money on interlock repair.

    Interlocking offers a non-slip surface, decreasing the risk of accidents in various weather conditions. This makes them an excellent option for pool surrounds, patios, and walkways, ensuring a safer environment for family and guests.

    Interlocking pavers are a solution for environment supporters. As they are the ecological choice when it comes to stormwater runoff. Their permeable surface allows water to infiltrate into the ground naturally.

    Driveway Interlocking in Vaughan by Avanti Landscaping

    Driveway Interlocking Services in Vaughan

    Our driveway interlocking services in Vaughan offer a solution to make your driveway an eye-catching attraction. It will surely affect the way you feel about your home.

    We believe that the whole process, from the initial free estimate to the installation, along with a variety of landscaping services will meet and exceed all your outdoor expectations.

    Why driveway interlocking is so important?

    • Prevents pests and limits the expansion of weeds;
    • Facilitates water drainage;
    • Boosts home resale value.

    We at Avanti Landscaping have years of experience in driveway interlocking, which has led us to a guarantee of definite quality. We make sure that each interlocking project is highly durable for a fair price and requires minimal maintenance in the future. No matter residential or commercial space, our contractors handle any project with precision and care.

    Affiliations & Reputation

    Avanti recently completed our second project in 3 years with John and his team. They did excellent, high-quality work, with no surprises. The most honest and professional landscaping company I've ever worked with.
    Lana Henderson
    Lana Henderson
    05:46 17 Jan 23
    Thanks! The company you can definitely trust in projecting. They always have solutions for the most of your tasks.
    Frances Coleman
    Frances Coleman
    12:10 01 Nov 22
    They recently did my interlocking driveway and wow am I impressed! Great job guys!!
    Alexandra Smith
    Alexandra Smith
    02:12 23 Jun 22
    The Avanti Landscaping team on Observatory helped me organize my grand landscaping vision into 3-4 separate projects and then we worked together to decide which to tackle first. I was never ‘up-sold’ as we decided on the project details, and they did a great job with the the landscaping designs.
    Scott Evans
    Scott Evans
    08:58 15 Jun 22
    Ed is a pleasure to work with! Our new stone decking looks flawless and has completely changed the look of the exterior, WOW!
    Helen Griffin
    Helen Griffin
    07:54 06 May 22
    Why did it take me so long to find Avanti Landscaping? They are superior to anyone in the area and some of the most talented and professional people i've ever dealt with. I highly recommend them for your landscaping needs!
    Renee Parks
    Renee Parks
    06:19 26 Apr 22
    Helped me with my property including fixing up my deck and doing an awesome job on the interlock in my front yard. Avanti Landscaping got the entire project completed on time and on budget. Thanks!
    William Slade
    William Slade
    05:31 02 Nov 21
    Avanti Landscaping did the interlocking on our driveway and it looks great. We get compliments all the time. Great selection of stone and true professionals every step of the way. A pleasure to deal with!
    Roger Purnell
    Roger Purnell
    12:01 30 Oct 21
    Recently got my interlocking and landscaping services done with Avanti Landscaping and I have already contacted Ed to help me with my cottage home. His advise and honesty is what really sets him apart from the others. I can't wait for this upcoming project.
    Matthew Howard
    Matthew Howard
    05:53 09 Oct 21
    It is so hard to find contractors that actually stick to their word, particularly with landscaping. It seems as though anyone with a pickup truck can start a landscaping business which explains why there are so many of them out there. I was referred to Avanti Landscaping by a neighbour when I saw their work in progress. They finished their work right on time, now I can enjoy an entire summer on the patio and next to the pool. Bravo, gentlemen!
    John Fortney
    John Fortney
    08:10 17 Aug 21
    The best landscaping company i've come across in years!! Ed was very patient during the phone call consultation and was very transparent on the company's process and strategy. I got my wooden fences and patio interlocking done, and I couldn't be more pleased with how everything turned out. Two thumbs up!!
    Maisie Greenwood
    Maisie Greenwood
    06:09 11 Jul 21
    Beyond satisfied with my new wooden fences from Avanti Landscaping! Not only do I now have privacy for my friends and family, but I also have a stylish backyard that stands out front the rest. Well done!
    Andrew Morrison
    Andrew Morrison
    11:02 24 Jun 21
    More Interlocking Services in Vaughan by Avanti Landscaping

    We Can Do More

    Depending on the needs of our customers, we provide them with more than just the best interlocking services Vaughan. We’re great at renovating your property because we construct and repair a wide range of outdoor elements:

    Concrete, cement, or natural stones such as cobblestone, granite, limestone, flagstone, sandstone, sandstone slabs, marble, and slate — choose from any material for your interlocking needs. Don’t worry if you don’t see the service or material you want on the list! Just contact us today to find out more about our services and begin working on your project.

    Backyard Interlocking Services in Vaughan

    Avanti Landscaping offers diverse backyard interlocking services in Vaughan. We are excited to create paving stone designs and are always here to listen to your specific backyard requirements. So that the final version will please your eye for years to come.

    We make sure there are less nasty insects on your property, provide highly durable and easy-to-clean interlocked backyards and offer unlimited customization options. Regardless of your backyard’s size, our team effectively designs and arranges everything from outdoor kitchens to patio interlocking and pool installation in Vaughan, even in the smallest spaces.

    Backyard Interlocking Vaughan by Avanti Landscaping
    Get a FREE estimate for your dream project
    During the initial consultation, our team meets with you and works closely to understand your vision, budget, and needs. We'll do our best to discuss all details and lay the solid foundation for a successful project.
    Pool Interlocking in Vaughan by Avanti Landscaping

    Pool Interlocking Services in Vaughan

    We have proven our expertise with interlocking pavers to hundreds of satisfied customers. With this in mind, visualize what your pool is going to look like after you order our interlocking pavers for your concrete pool project.

    Avanti Landscaping specializes in transforming poolside areas with high-quality interlocking pavers, ensuring durability and style in harsh weather conditions. Our services make the pool area a place where you, your family and your friends would like to return time and time again:

    • Wide range of outdoor elements;
    • Design that will turn your pool into a family-friendly recreational area;
    • Materials withstand exposure to harsh pool chemicals and Canadian weather;

    Our aim is to create a poolside space that exceeds your expectations, providing beauty and functionality for many years. Contact us today to learn more about our pool landscaping and interlocking solutions and elevate your outdoor living space with Avanti Landscaping.

    Patio Interlocking Services in Vaughan

    Our knowledgeable team of interlocking contractors and engineers do their work the best way possible, no matter the skill you require for your project. Working with us on an interlocking patio is the right investment in the design of your home’s exterior.

    It’s important for us to advice you the best design for a fair price, be it in a contemporary or classic style. Yet, more importantly, our customers get the unique style they want anyway. We provide interlocking services that are both functional and charming.

    Patio Interlocking Services Vaughan by Avanti Landscaping

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      What to Expect With Avanti Landscaping Interlocking in Vaughan

      We have a consultation to determine what is needed for the renovation. Next, we select materials that functionally fit into the project’s design.

      Our team of experts removes all debris and old pavement and levels the subgrade for the new interlocking. Next, restraints will be installed around the entire perimeter of the paving area to prevent pavers shifting.

      Our paving measurements are perfect, and we also use a special compaction technique. A compacted layer of gravel and sand is laid so that the base is firm and level.

      Our team carefully places the pavers flat on the sand bed. We begin this process either at a 90-degree corner or within the field, guided by a pre-set string to maintain the pavers’ pattern.

      Once the whole interlocking field and borders are laid, we proceed to spread a light layer of sand over them. We fill the joints between the pavers with special sand that hardens over time. This keeps the pavers in place and stops weeds from growing.

      Our achievements

      Years in business
      Succesful projects
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      Are you licensed and insured?

      We’re fully licensed and insured, offering a layer of protection against any potential complications. Thousands of satisfied customers trust us due to the high quality of our work, Liability insurance, and warranty of up to five years.

      Do you use subcontractors?

      As a reputable landscaping company, we handle all aspects of our projects on our own. We don’t employ the services of subcontractors in any part of our work. From design to implementation, our team is committed to a qualified and consistent process.

      Do you provide any other services?

      Avanti Landscaping not only designs and builds excellent landscapes but also provides other useful services, such as DemolitionExcavationFoundation Repair, etc. As an experienced turnkey landscaping company, we handle commercial and residential projects of any size.

      Do you guarantee the high quality of your work?

      Yes. If you encounter any issues with our workmanship or materials, we will address them promptly and make any necessary repairs or adjustments with no additional costs. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we strive to exceed your expectations with every project.

      Our Interlocking Services Locations

      If you are ready to get to know us better, we will be happy to provide you with our high-quality landscaping and interlocking services around the Greater Toronto Area.

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