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Our team interlocks driveways, backyards, pools, and patios with dedication and expertise across Ontario. We tailor our interlocking services in Newmarket to your budget and needs so you will enjoy your outdoors without overpaying.

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    Why Do You Need an Interlock?

    Interlocking offers a better appearance and durability to your property. It is a long-term investment that pays off significantly, providing peace of mind and comfort for years to come.

    Interlocking pavers offer a variety of shapes, colours, and textures. So, every homeowner can craft unique combinations for their outdoor spaces and house exteriors.

    Proper interlocking boosts your property’s market value. Potential buyers definitely like renovated areas with better look and functionality.

    Interlocking stones are highly durable. They’re perfect for driveways, walkways, and other high-traffic areas. Furthermore, they’re among the few genuinely long-lasting solutions available.

    Interlocked driveways, walkways, pools, and patios require minimal upkeep to save their like-new shine for many years. Just sweep them from time to time and wash them without harsh chemicals.

    The textured stone surface has a slip-resistant effect. It reduces the risk of falls in any weather conditions and various areas, especially around pools, patios, and walkways.

    The spaces between the pavers allow for better water runoff and infiltration compared to concrete.

    Driveway Interlocking in Newmarket by Avanti Landscaping

    Driveway Interlocking Services in Newmarket

    Our professionals help you achieve functionality, style, and durability in any driveway interlocking project in Newmarket. Here is a quick answer to the question, why opt for an interlocked driveway by Avanti Landscaping:

    • No unforeseen delays, each project has the same price and timelines as in the FREE and detailed estimate;
    • No more wildly growing grass and nasty insects in it;
    • No overpaying, just a long-term investment in your home.

    We are the best interlocking contractor in Newmarket, and our satisfied customers prove it. If you see a beautiful driveway, there’s a 99% chance we did it.

    Affiliations & Reputation

    Avanti recently completed our second project in 3 years with John and his team. They did excellent, high-quality work, with no surprises. The most honest and professional landscaping company I've ever worked with.
    Lana Henderson
    Lana Henderson
    05:46 17 Jan 23
    Thanks! The company you can definitely trust in projecting. They always have solutions for the most of your tasks.
    Frances Coleman
    Frances Coleman
    12:10 01 Nov 22
    They recently did my interlocking driveway and wow am I impressed! Great job guys!!
    Alexandra Smith
    Alexandra Smith
    02:12 23 Jun 22
    The Avanti Landscaping team on Observatory helped me organize my grand landscaping vision into 3-4 separate projects and then we worked together to decide which to tackle first. I was never ‘up-sold’ as we decided on the project details, and they did a great job with the the landscaping designs.
    Scott Evans
    Scott Evans
    08:58 15 Jun 22
    Ed is a pleasure to work with! Our new stone decking looks flawless and has completely changed the look of the exterior, WOW!
    Helen Griffin
    Helen Griffin
    07:54 06 May 22
    Why did it take me so long to find Avanti Landscaping? They are superior to anyone in the area and some of the most talented and professional people i've ever dealt with. I highly recommend them for your landscaping needs!
    Renee Parks
    Renee Parks
    06:19 26 Apr 22
    Helped me with my property including fixing up my deck and doing an awesome job on the interlock in my front yard. Avanti Landscaping got the entire project completed on time and on budget. Thanks!
    William Slade
    William Slade
    05:31 02 Nov 21
    Avanti Landscaping did the interlocking on our driveway and it looks great. We get compliments all the time. Great selection of stone and true professionals every step of the way. A pleasure to deal with!
    Roger Purnell
    Roger Purnell
    12:01 30 Oct 21
    Recently got my interlocking and landscaping services done with Avanti Landscaping and I have already contacted Ed to help me with my cottage home. His advise and honesty is what really sets him apart from the others. I can't wait for this upcoming project.
    Matthew Howard
    Matthew Howard
    05:53 09 Oct 21
    It is so hard to find contractors that actually stick to their word, particularly with landscaping. It seems as though anyone with a pickup truck can start a landscaping business which explains why there are so many of them out there. I was referred to Avanti Landscaping by a neighbour when I saw their work in progress. They finished their work right on time, now I can enjoy an entire summer on the patio and next to the pool. Bravo, gentlemen!
    John Fortney
    John Fortney
    08:10 17 Aug 21
    The best landscaping company i've come across in years!! Ed was very patient during the phone call consultation and was very transparent on the company's process and strategy. I got my wooden fences and patio interlocking done, and I couldn't be more pleased with how everything turned out. Two thumbs up!!
    Maisie Greenwood
    Maisie Greenwood
    06:09 11 Jul 21
    Beyond satisfied with my new wooden fences from Avanti Landscaping! Not only do I now have privacy for my friends and family, but I also have a stylish backyard that stands out front the rest. Well done!
    Andrew Morrison
    Andrew Morrison
    11:02 24 Jun 21
    More Interlocking Services in Newmarket by Avanti Landscaping

    We Can Interlock More

    Our range of services is limited only by your fantasy. When you call us and order a project, we complete it turnkey, solving any issues promptly and effectively. Here is what we can also interlock:

    We work with numerous materials. The only requirement is that they be of the highest quality. Enjoy custom interlocking solutions from concrete, natural stone, cobblestone, granite, limestone, sandstone, marble, or slate

    Backyard Interlocking Services in Newmarket

    Our skilled specialists arrive at your place almost immediately after your call. We give you a detailed free estimate, considering your budget, needs and site limitations for backyard interlocking in Newmarket. The Avanti Landscaping team creates a personalized space that combines functionality and quality:

    Safe walkway areas give you more space for landscaping design;
    Interlocked backyard requires minimal maintenance;
    Even if one tile breaks, it is easy to replace it without removing the whole surface.

    We guide you through the entire design and interlocking processes, always ready to answer your questions.

    Backyard Interlocking Newmarket by Avanti Landscaping
    Get a FREE estimate for your dream project
    On our first meeting, we work with you closely to understand your vision, budget, and needs. We'll do our best to discuss all details and lay the solid groundwork for a successful project.
    Pool Interlocking in Newmarket by Avanti Landscaping

    Pool Interlocking Services in Newmarket

    Your pool area is an entertainment center for family and friends. You may not have ever thought about it, but the quality of the pool interlocking determines its safety and the amount of maintenance it requires.

    That’s why we offer pool interlocking services in Newmarket. We will pay attention to every detail. All you have to do is enjoy the benefits of your renovated pool:

    • Durable, no cracks, doesn’t lose colour even if constantly exposed to the sun;
    • Interlocking pavers are resistant to aggressive pool chemicals;
    • A non-slip surface makes your pool area ultra-safe for kids and older people.

    We all want to have fun in the pool and leave the worries behind. By combining our skills and your ideas, we will create the best space possible.

    Patio Interlocking Services in Newmarket

    Don’t want your friends and family to see your boring backyard? Contact us, and we will give your place the makeover it deserves. We create high-quality, rich-looking areas combined with comfort and tailored to your desires.

    Every wildest dream becomes real in our hands;
    Turnkey services. If you don’t have a patio yet – no worries. We can build one and then interlock it;
    Your patio interlocking will look exactly how you want it.

    We can add anything to your design, from a fire pit to an outdoor grill zone. Your patio will become the place to gather your loved ones, and you’ll enjoy endless parties without worrying about wear and tear.

    Patio Interlocking Newmarket

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      What to Expect With Avanti Landscaping Interlocking in Newmarket

      We begin with a comprehensive consultation to understand your vision and evaluate the space. With our team’s vast experience, we create a detailed design plan, select materials that meet your needs, and address any questions you have.

      We gather all the necessary equipment, clean any debris, and make final adjustments and measurements. We then isolate the work area from the rest of the property to disturb your routine as little as possible.

      We lay the foundation for the interlocked area with precision and skill. This step is important for the project’s longevity and aesthetics. We’ll ensure it’s perfectly level, stable, and solid.

      Next, we follow the plan to lay each paver according to it. Our experts make sure that all tiles are matched and everything fits seamlessly.

      We fill the joints with polymeric sand to secure the pavers and prevent weed growth. Finally, we clean everything so that your area looks like this perfectly interlocked driveway, patio, or pool was always there.

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      What are the primary benefits of interlocking compared to other paving methods?

      Interlocking offers durability, low maintenance, and aesthetic appeal, creating a cost-effective choice for outdoor spaces.

      How long does it typically take to complete an interlocking project from start to finish?

      The duration depends on the size and complexity of the area. Generally, our skilled team finishes interlocking within a few days to a couple of weeks.

      Who is responsible for obtaining permits and ensuring compliance with local regulations for interlocking projects?

      It’s usually the homeowner or property owner’s responsibility to secure permits and ensure legal compliance. But we, as experienced interlocking services Newmarket, offer assistance with this process.

      How do I choose the right interlocking design and materials for my outdoor space?

      Consider factors such as your aesthetic preferences, budget, the climate in your area, and the intended use of the space, and consult with our interlocking professionals for guidance.

      What maintenance is required to keep interlocking in good condition over time?

      For interlocked surfaces, typical maintenance tasks include regular sweeping to remove debris, occasional pressure washing to prevent dirt buildup, and resealing every few years.

      Our Interlocking Services Locations

      If you are ready to get to know us better, we will be happy to provide you with our high-quality landscaping and interlocking services around the Greater Toronto Area.

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      Call (647) 870-8337 to learn whether your location is within our reach.