The Best Plants for Around a Pool in Ontario

Consider both aesthetic and functional aspects when choosing the best plants for around a pool in ontario. The ideal greenery creates an inviting oasis while withstanding the unique conditions pools present, such as splashes of chlorinated water and areas of reflected light. 

A harmonious landscape integrates plants that not only thrive in these circumstances but also minimize debris, contributing to easier pool maintenance. From ornamental grasses that sway gently in the breeze to robust shrubs that provide year-round privacy, understanding which species suit this niche environment is crucial. 

Best Plants for Pool Landscaping in Ontario

Creating an oasis around your pool involves choosing the right plants. Native species are a great start. The Canadian Hemlock is one such plant that thrives in Ontario’s climate. 

It offers year-round greenery, which enhances the aesthetic appeal of your pool area throughout all seasons. This conifer grows well in both sun and shade, making it versatile for different poolside locations.

Another benefit of native plants like the Canadian Hemlock is their ability to coexist with local wildlife. They provide shelter and food for birds, beneficial insects, and other creatures that contribute to a healthy ecosystem around your home. Importantly, these natives are accustomed to Ontario’s weather patterns, requiring less water and care than non-native species.

When considering flowering options, low-maintenance perennials can add colour without adding extra work. Daylilies are perfect examples of such plants because they offer bright blooms during summer months when you’re most likely to use the pool area. These hardy flowers can handle occasional splashes of chlorinated water better than more delicate flora might.

Daylilies come in various colours ranging from vibrant yellows to deep reds, allowing you to design a colourful border or accent pieces around your pool that require minimal upkeep once established.

Ground covers play an essential role indeed. Creeping Juniper, for instance:

  • Prevents soil erosion;
  • Withstands foot traffic;
  • Tolerates drought conditions once established;
  • Needs a little maintenance after planting.

All of this makes it ideal for areas near pools where water runoff could be problematic or where people may frequently walk over them as they move between the house and the pool.

  1. Choose native species like Canadian Hemlock for sustainability;
  2. Add colour with low-maintenance perennials such as Daylilies;
  3. Use Creeping Juniper ground cover to protect against soil erosion.

These choices will ensure that your garden not only looks beautiful but also remains functional and easy to care for years down the line, letting you enjoy more time swimming and relaxing rather than gardening.

By selecting suitable plants tailored for Ontario’s environment around your swimming area, you create a serene retreat while also supporting local ecosystems, a win-win situation!

Remembering these pointers will help guide any homeowner through creating a picturesque yet practical landscape design for their poolside sanctuary within this beautiful province of Canada.

Ornamental Grasses and Succulents for Poolside

Selecting the best plants for around a pool in Ontario requires considering both aesthetics and practicality. Ornamental grasses offer an excellent choice for poolside landscaping due to their resilience and low maintenance needs. 

For instance, Blue Fescue grass is not only drought-resistant but also adds a unique touch of blue to the pool area. This small, mound-forming grass stays vibrant through multiple seasons, providing consistent beauty with minimal care.

Another option that thrives in Ontario’s climate is Stonecrop Sedum. As a hardy succulent, it withstands dry conditions well and can add texture to your poolside garden without demanding frequent watering or other intensive care routines. Its thick, fleshy leaves store water effectively, making it ideal for areas near pools where splashes might deter more delicate plants.

For those seeking privacy or vertical interest around their poolside landscape, Maiden Grass is an attractive solution. It grows tall enough to act as a natural screen while swaying gracefully in the breeze, an elegant way to create seclusion in your backyard oasis.

When planning your poolside landscape design, remember these are among the best plants for around a pool in Ontario because they combine visual appeal with functional benefits like privacy enhancement and low water usage, a crucial factor given concerns over drought periods.

In addition to individual plant characteristics such as colour or height, consider how these options contribute holistically towards creating an inviting outdoor space by offering year-round interest with minimal upkeep required from homeowners who would rather enjoy their time swimming than gardening.

Trees and Shrubs Suitable for Pool Landscaping

Suitable trees and shrubs can enhance your poolside oasis. Dwarf Alberta Spruce trees are ideal for compact spaces. They provide evergreen beauty without overwhelming the area. Their conical shape adds a touch of elegance to any backyard pool setting.

Serviceberry shrubs thrive in Ontario’s climate. They adapt well to different soil types, making them versatile for landscaping around pools. In autumn, their leaves turn vibrant shades, bringing a pop of colour to your swimming pool area.

For those seeking florals, Hydrangeas are an excellent choice with their oversized blooms that come in various colours. These shrubs also tolerate shade well, offering flexibility in planting locations near pools where sunlight may vary.

  • Dwarf Alberta Spruce — compact size perfect for limited space/slow growth rate;
  • Serviceberry — adapts quickly; offers stunning fall foliage/requires regular maintenance during fruiting season;
  • Hydrangeas — showy flowers; shade-tolerant/need adequate water and may not fare well in full sun all day.

Incorporating these plants into your landscape design can be further enhanced by consulting interlock contractors. They specialize in creating harmonious hardscape elements that complement your selection of flora.

When considering trees and shrubs for pool landscaping, it is crucial to think about root systems as well as aesthetics. Some species have invasive roots that could damage the swimming pool structure or paving over time.

Choose shallow-rooted species such as Dwarf Alberta Spruce or smaller shrub varieties like Hydrangea. Avoid planting too close to the edge of pools to prevent future issues with roots and paving integrity.

Enhancing Privacy with Emerald Green Arborvitae and False Cypress

Emerald Green Arborvitae stands out as a top choice for creating privacy screens around pools. These conifers overgrow, forming dense vertical barriers that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. To achieve optimal privacy, plant them in rows. 

This arrangement maximizes their growth potential, allowing each tree to contribute to a continuous hedge. Careful planning is essential here; space the trees about 3-4 feet apart from one another. This spacing ensures they will grow together seamlessly without competing for resources.

When planting Emerald Green Arborvitae, consider the sun exposure of your pool area. These plants thrive in full sun but can tolerate partial shade. They also require well-drained soil to prevent root rot, a crucial factor given Ontario’s varied climate conditions.

Vibrant Blooms and Greenery with Tall Phlox and Ivy

Tall Phlox presents a vibrant addition to any poolside in Ontario. It blooms in summer, offering fragrant flowers that can enhance the sensory experience of a garden. These plants are known for their ability to thrive in the region’s climate, making them ideal as best plants for around a pool. Their dense foliage provides splashes of colour when other plants might fade.

Ivy, particularly English Ivy, is another excellent choice for creating an inviting pool area year-round. As an evergreen plant, it maintains its lush appearance even during colder months. This vine can cover ground spaces or climb fences gracefully. Its leaves stay green throughout the year, adding consistency to your landscape design.

By combining Tall Phlox with English Ivy, homeowners craft layers of texture and colour around their pools. The tall grasses from phlox contrast beautifully against ivy’s compact growth habit.

  • Phlox brings height and bursts of colour with its flowers;
  • Ivy offers continuous greenery as ground cover or climbing up structures.

Both these plants contribute to transforming your outdoor space into a private oasis.

Beyond aesthetics, both Tall Phox and Ivy serve practical purposes in landscaping near pools.

  • They help prevent soil erosion with their root systems;
  • Dense foliage from these plants can also deter weeds.

These characteristics make maintenance more accessible while ensuring your garden stays pristine.

Shade-loving plants for poolsides like hostas

Hostas are a top choice for shade-loving plants around pools in Ontario. They thrive in areas with ample shade, making them ideal near water where structures or trees can limit sunlight. These leafy perennials offer lush, dense foliage that creates a serene backdrop for relaxation.

Pairing hostas with ferns is an excellent strategy to create a textured and natural look. Ferns bring delicate leaves that contrast nicely against the broad leaves of hostas. This combination enhances the poolside with a woodland aesthetic. Both plant types favour similar growing conditions, simplifying garden care.

Proper mulching is essential to maintain these plants’ health and appearance. Mulch helps retain soil moisture, which is crucial during hot summer days. It also suppresses weeds that compete for nutrients and water. Use organic mulches such as bark or straw for best results.

Avoid planting species with invasive roots near pools to prevent structural damage over time. Fortunately, both hostas and ferns have non-invasive root systems, making them safe choices around pool foundations.

When considering maintenance plants around your pool, remember:

  1. Choose varieties that thrive in shaded conditions;
  2. Consider texture combinations between different plant species;
  3. Apply adequate mulch to protect against weeds and dryness;
  4. Select plants without invasive roots to safeguard pool integrity.

Incorporating these low-maintenance options ensures your pool area remains inviting without requiring extensive upkeep efforts.

Incorporating Japanese Maples and Fruitless Olive Trees

Japanese Maples are a striking choice for poolside landscaping in Ontario. They offer dramatic foliage that changes colour with the seasons. These maples become focal points in autumn when leaves turn vibrant shades of red, orange, and yellow. Their graceful forms add an element of sophistication to any garden space.

Choosing these trees allows homeowners to enjoy a dynamic display throughout the year. In spring, fresh green leaves emerge, shifting to deep burgundy or fiery red in fall. This seasonal transformation ensures your pool area remains visually attractive all year round.

Fruitless Olive Trees are another excellent option for those seeking ornamental plants near pools. These trees do not produce fruit, which means there is no mess around your swimming area. Their silver-green foliage and gnarled trunks bring a Mediterranean vibe to the landscape.

These olive trees grow well in Ontario’s climate if protected from harsh winter winds. They can thrive with minimal care once established, making them ideal for busy homeowners.

Both species should be positioned strategically:

  • To provide dappled shade, creating comfortable spots by the pool;
  • To minimize leaf drop into the water.

When planning your garden design, consider these factors carefully to ensure easy maintenance and maximum enjoyment of your outdoor space.

Mixing Succulents with Other Plants for a Diverse Landscape

Creating a diverse landscape around your pool can be both aesthetically pleasing and practical. In Ontario, where the climate varies, choosing the right plants is crucial. Succulents are excellent choices due to their low maintenance and drought tolerance.

One effective pairing is combining Hens-and-Chicks (Sempervivum) with Lavender. Hens-and-Chicks offer a unique rosette shape that contrasts nicely against Lavender’s spiky blooms. 

Both plants thrive in similar conditions, preferring full sun and well-drained soil. They are also both drought-tolerant, making them perfect for poolside planting where water conservation is critical.

Tips for Planting Natural Privacy Screens

Creating a privacy screen around your pool can enhance the beauty and solitude of your outdoor oasis. A well-planned privacy screen serves not just as a barrier but also contributes to the overall aesthetic appeal of the landscape.

To achieve a natural effect, stagger plantings at various heights. This approach mimics nature’s patterns and avoids the monotony of uniform rows. Begin with taller species in the back and layer forward with medium and shorter plants. 

For instance, you might start with tall Arborvitae in the rear and add mid-height Hydrangeas next, followed by lower-growing Boxwood or ornamental grasses at the front.

Evergreens like Yew or Boxwood are excellent choices for dense barriers that remain lush throughout all seasons. These plants provide consistent coverage and require minimal maintenance once established. They’re hardy in Ontario’s climate and offer reliable structure within your design.

For those desiring seasonal colour along with their privacy, flowering shrubs such as Lilacs or Viburnums are ideal additions. These plants bloom beautifully in spring or early summer while contributing to an effective screen through their foliage during other times of the year.

Benefits of using evergreens:

  • Year-round privacy;
  • Low maintenance needs;
  • Resilience to Ontario’s climate.

Advantages of incorporating flowering shrubs:

  • Seasonal interest with blooms;
  • Additional sensory experience through scent;
  • Attracts pollinators, which benefit garden health.

Avanti Landscaping employs top landscaping techniques, ensuring every project aligns perfectly with customer desires and adheres strictly to building codes. Their expertise ensures that not only will your chosen plants thrive around your pool area, but they will do so within all legal requirements for residential landscapes.


Selecting the right plants for poolside landscaping in Ontario requires careful consideration of climate, maintenance, and aesthetic harmony. The incorporation of Japanese maples, fruitless olive trees, and privacy screens like Emerald Green Arborvitae exemplifies a thoughtful approach to creating a serene and private oasis.

For homeowners, the key lies in choosing plant species that not only withstand the local weather but also contribute to a cohesive and low-maintenance garden design. Take action by selecting your ideal combination of plants for a picturesque and functional outdoor space.

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