Advantages of Sodding in Lawn

Sodding can be thought of as a mat of grass with an accustomed root system used to yield immediate vegetation to control soil erosion. It constitutes a grass mat with a part of the soil beneath it held together by the roots. The advantages of deploying Sod in your lawn are as follows:

Produces an Instant Lawn

Sodding does not take an eternity to fill your lawn with grass. An average-sized lawn can have Sod installed within a few hours, allowing you to behold a beautiful green lawn in your home’s outdoor space immediately.

Sodding is not like other processes like seeding or growing a green lawn all over from the start that takes a considerable amount of time (up to 18 months) to establish. Other processes also require a lot of maintenance and care, indulging you in sticking with an unattractive and bare looking lawn until the final result yields. On the other hand, Sodding produces an instant lawn providing immediate aesthetic change, which is fully accomplished in about two weeks. It also doesn’t demand a lot in terms of maintenance and time to fulfill your home’s outdoor space with greenery.

Grown Professionally

Sod is grown by professional turfgrass farmers, which provides your lawn with a strong foundation in health and beauty. It is grown with the right techniques to harvest soil that is appropriately flourished and nourished. Professional farmers generally use high-quality seeds or hybrid sprigs in growing Sod. With the help of a specifically-designed machine to lift strips of Sod like rolls of a mat, they can keep the Sod as healthy as possible.

Heat Reduction

A sodded lawn is efficient in absorbing heat as it is constructed with bare soil, asphalt, concrete, and artificial turf emanate heat. Heat reduction is very important in regions that experience hot weather. Along with heat reduction, sodding helps to reduce the greenhouse effect and to cool the air.

Prevents Soil Erosion

Sod controls soil erosion as it is considered to be fully matured already. If your lawn becomes too muddy when it rains, Sod helps to eliminate this issue. It can allow you to get a good head-start to use your lawn for activities like walking, exercising, or playing.

Saves Time and Work

Sodding provides a significant advantage in minimizing time and work. This rollout installation is the easiest way of covering your lawn with green grass. In addition to that, Sod can be installed in any season or weather conditions, unless the lawn isn’t frozen. Get more landscaping ideas in our hardscaping article.

Requires Less Irrigation

A freshly installed sod should typically be watered twice every day for the first two weeks or until it is fully established. Other processes like Seeding can require watering up to four or more times per day to maintain needed moisture for proper germination. This is often more expensive and time-consuming.

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